Keeping an Eye on the Invisible

Keeping live theatre safe means keeping you away from harmful pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and molds.

Here at TO Live, we’ve partnered with Poppy to monitor our space and air for all of these, using the world’s only pathogen sensing and detection network.

We protect our people by protecting our space.

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By continuously monitoring for any invisible pathogens in different zones of our space, Poppy can help identify and pinpoint areas that need to be addressed (and how) well before anyone could know by any other means. This gives us ongoing feedback on the effectiveness of the COVID-related measures we’ve put in place.

Early Warning System

Poppy Doesn't Monitor:

Poppy’s system doesn’t monitor and can’t identify individual people, or their individual COVID-19 status, personal health conditions, or hygiene.

How are we doing?

Poppy provides an ongoing view of the effectiveness of COVID-related measures we've put in place, including self-reporting, cleaning, air circulation, and more.

Expert Support

Poppy supports us 24/7 with their expert team of incident management, business continuity professionals. For any type of alert, Poppy provides continuously-updated, expert-curated recommendations, cleaning and hygiene protocols, and more.

Poppy detects 1,000+ viruses, bacteria, and molds by continuously monitoring spaces each day. This covers pathogens that can cause the flu to food-borne illnesses to COVID-19.

Poppy Never Sleeps

Proven Science

We work with Poppy to carefully analyze and deploy the monitoring system because of their best-in-class scientific protocols, based on diagnostic-quality detection methods. 

Quick Response

In addition to detecting harmful pathogens before they can make problems for our patrons, artists and team, we work to continuously improve your safety and comfort.

Welcome Back

TO Live has always been committed to a full range of performing arts, theatrical and concert events, family programs, and free community events. In 2021, we are committing to making sure these experiences are made as safe as possible for everyone here.

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Poppy Monitors:

Poppy’s system monitors air particles in several zones throughout our space for 1,000+ types of bacteria, molds, and viruses including the presence of the COVID-19 virus.